Vision In Critical Times

About Us

Din Al-Fitrah Religious Leadership Alliance prides itself in service to the Creator. We are respectful of creation and service to humanity.  We too are an Information Network and collaboration. We are 501c3 since 1998. Specialize in Religion Related, Spiritual Development N.E.C.; (neighborly education and civic history related.) We are an environment without walls but understand its boundary.

Service To Humanity

We are committed to finding solutions and people to help address your needs. We contribute to coalitions with like-minded people who are committed to work toward positive change. we facilitate workshops on ethics in the context of community life.

  • We conduct an Annual Workshop on Gang Culture Awareness, and Criminal Justice.

  • We conduct meeting and online class bi-weekly. These are on the topics of Ethics in the context of community life, from an African-American experience. 

We are committed to Work in collaboration with organizations, groups and community at the grass roots-level.

  •  We believe in coalition building at the grass root-level creates the first advocacy and working environment to address issues relevant, to the context of community, working in the best interest benefiting the whole.

    Scripture Says: " We know that all things work together for good to them that love the Creator." Romans 8:28 "
  • Also,  "By the time surely man is in loss, except those who believe and do good, and exhort one another to truth, and exhort one another to observe patience. The Time 103:1-3

  • Also: " The Creator has made good to us. The promise and has made us custodian in the land" the Qur'an 39:74.


believe that Religion and relationships are sacred. And we are of one creation. We are created by One Creator. Who has created us all? Our common interest is to worship the Creator and serve humanity. Faith's family relationships have an inter dependence and a shared responsibility. Although we are Muslims, we share the same space within the realm of spirituality. That favourite spiritual retreat is the reflection and purpose you were created. We start the dialogue between the heart, and the human being too called the inherent nature, to the soul. Our aim is to build on faith relations and strengthen our relationship with our faith neighbors.

Be respectful to the public and private organizations, and to be regardful of others. We believe that a big part of religion duty is to support the needs of the poor communities. We are human being with a committed spirit working for the common good serving the deprived neighbourhoods.  We will give attention to its disadvantage people in times of good and trouble.

Din Al-Fitrah Religious Leadership AllianceCommunity Outreach Service We are 501c3 since 1998.

Contact us at P.O. Box 21020, Chicago, Illinois 60636
Our goal is service and information provider at the grass-roots level.