History At A Glimpse: 

Coalition Building At The Grassroots-Level

Shaping The environment helps us see ourselves in the context of the shared community life.

It was in March 5, 2017, I and delegations from different faiths, Jews, Christians and Muslims came to Selma Alabama. Furthermore, It was an acknowledgement of all those who gathered prior. It was a reminder of Bloody Sunday March 1965. It has been made into an annual enactment solely focus upon the unresolved issues such as voting rights, injustices, inequality and unity.

This was the 52 gathering to commemorate the struggles and sacrifice. The aim is to continue the push for civil and human rights for all Americans. In memory, it was a horrific incident in history. In support of Dr. Martin Luther Kings, I have a vision and dream for a reformed America. Attendees were those who supported that vision. After all, we are living in a participatory democracy. Therefore, I would be remiss not to acknowledge the thousands standing outside of the Brown Chapel AME Church, located at 410 Martin Luther King Street Selma, Alabama.

It was a memorable incident that has been etched in history. It was the day the marchers went up to the Edmund Pettus Bridge to cross over the river. They met the face of hate, and angry town's people and law enforcement. It is known as that historic March. It was America's most shocking day that will be forever a reminder. It's the remnant and scars of hate, inequality and justice. People in current times, are yet laboured for justice and its still a struggle. We were reminded of that day in Selma, Alabama. It is called Bloody Sunday. It was a gathering for unity, justice and equality with the concern over the right to exercise the vote. Among the marchers were people who March and helped Dr. Martin Luther king in his efforts to forage for rights and justice. I conclude; We must not allow the extremist to break the ban of unity, but we all must be strengthened by faith and trust.

 I recall it was 1976. It was in the early days of my imam's mission. Moreover, the aim of the mission is to make the mission, social and spiritual experiences in America the myth. He encouraged Muslims and non Muslim alike. To take advantage of opportunities make available to them in America and among them the encouragement to vote, which includes participate in the functions of your country. Where people worship, live, children learn, fun and leisure. America's flag is red, white and its stars and stripes are in a field of blue. We call "Old Glory." What does it mean, for myself, Red is referring to an act of courage, discipline, obedient to Creator and my spiritual disposition it compliments the human being's foundation to my intrinsic nature? Blue is my soul. And the white is my innocents. Scriptures relate to me, my destiny and the ethical life. I am reminded that we all are a ruler, a guardian, a custodian, a parent, a judge or either a president within reach. All is an expression of engagement the social life? There is a saying, I paraphrase, "We are all responsible for those in our charge.

Imam Abdul Muhaimin
The crowds gathered along the March root waiting patiently as the marchers a among the partaicpates were the masons of the Prince Hall order dress in distinguish attire. As the marchers walked proudly up to the Edmund Pettus Bridge. On their minds, were the messages heard and leaders or heads of organization shared. It was the reckoning of related interest. The voices were fully echoing unity, equality, justice and the right to exercise the vote.